Upcoming stream

Posted on 2020-08-04

It’s been a long time, I should really get back to streaming before I forget all of how it’s done.

So let’s pick a date: I’ll stream next Friday evening (CEST). It’s really too hot around here to get concentrated enough to hack on TVC, but a puzzle or two shouldn’t be so bad.

Right now I’m hesitating between:

  • Pikaptcha
    Pros: it’s been an official1 puzzle, so people have a good chance of knowing it.
    Cons: I’m not going to expand on the pseudo-Möbius topological disaster again.
  • Brainfuck
    Pros: I approved it, so it’s bound to be good. It’s got very different yet equally interesting approaches whether we take the interpretation or compilation route.
    Cons: It’s right in the middle of my area of expertise, so I might fail at vulgarising. The combination of letters at the end of the name tends to provoke kneejerk gut reactions from the more transatlantic part of the English-speaking audience2, for some reason I’ll never fully grasp. Mmm, come to think of it, that sounds like a pro.

I’ll leave the suggestions open on Twitch, you’ll have your chance to influence the results until then.

  1. for some definition of “official”↩︎

  2. and from Twitch, that won’t let me use it as a stream topic suggestion either. Unless the arbitrary limiteation comes from the suggestion box widget; I can’t tell for sure.↩︎