Posted on 2021-06-04

Many things in the pipes these days, and so little time to write…

So let’s at least shoot the elephant in the room: I kinda took part in the Totoro contest, but with so much less time allocated to it than the former that I don’t have much to say about it at all.

So consider this my postmortem, that I’m not actualy going to post anywhere because it’s really neither interesting nor entertaining this time. The beginning was streamed, so you may find part of it on Twitch or YouTube if you squint. It’s really not too interesting either, courtesy of the random-based strategy being worth high Bronze before I even got to parse anything.

[my git log]

I don’t even remember what ranking I reached, I was mentally out long before the end.

At least now I can go and read the PM thread with no fear of them influencing mine.